• Life Lessons

    Expectations for all students in all classes: 

    • Be Respectful.
    • Be Responsible.
    • Be Safe.
    • Be Kind.
    • Be Your Best!
    • Have supplies, including pen, pencil, paper, book, homework, etc., at your desk by the time the bell rings.
    • Have a great attitude: Great Attitude

    Reminder before turning in work:

    Should you choose to break a rule, you may expect any of the following based on the severity and/or frequency of the occurrence:

    • Verbal warning
    • Name on board and brief conference after class
    • Change in seating
    • Distracting object or device taken up and/or turned into the front office or administrator for further action
    • Written warning with parent signature required, an email directly to parent, or a phone call to parent
    • Student conference
    • Behavioral contract addressing the discipline concern
    • Detention assigned
    • Parent conference
    • Referral to administration
    • Immediate referral to administration, depending on student and classroom safety


    1st period tardy procedures stay the same, i.e., students must be in the classroom by 8:45 a.m. After that time, students must have a written pass from a faculty member, or they must go to the front office for a late pass and serve detention at a later time.

    New policy: 2nd through 8th period tardies will be recorded as follows:  When the bell rings, classroom doors must be shut and locked. All tardy students must go to the library and get a tardy slip and then they may enter class with a pass.  This will assist with tracking attendance.  

    Reminder: Any student who needs to leave the classroom must have a written pass from the teacher.  

    Reading is still FUNdamental.  


    See Google Classroom for grading cycle calendars and specific assignments.