• Course Description: Welcome to World History.  This course offers a colorful and exciting section of social studies subjects. 

    Course Objectives: The primary objective is to prepare you to have skills for 11th grade. We focus on academic skills, writing, time management and inter-personal communication skills. Small and large group discussions are a part of classroom learning.  All students are expected to participate in them. This course is writing intensive. You will regularly practice your writing skills. In-class research essays, participation, tests and projects make up a majority of your quarter grade.

    Our class in World History moves very quickly and covers a lot of material. Therefore, it is important not only that students keep pace with the course, ask questions and seek additional help when needed.  Mr. Rubio is willing to meet with students after school with requested appointments on Mondays and Thursdays.

    By the end of this year, you will:

    • Demonstrate and strengthen your ability to write formal essays/research papers.
    • Strengthen your note-taking skills.
    • Compare/contrast/synthesize and analyze information.
    • Exercise critical thinking and communication skills in formal and informal discussions.


    You need the following to have in class each day:

    Blue or Black ink pens and pencils.

    Colored pencils and markers      

    Notebook for taking notes in class.                     

    Student Planner and ID


    What you should have for regular use in class:

    A dictionary and/or thesaurus   

    A copy of APA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers


    COURSE POLICIES: Course policies are the rules and guidelines our class follows, in addition to those established by London High School.  These policies are consistently enforced throughout the school year and are reviewed at the beginning of each quarter.  Each student is expected to know, understand and follow these policies.  If you feel class or school policies need clarification speak with Mrs. Hitchcock directly.

    ATTENDANCE: Prompt daily attendance is expected.  All students must be seated in the classroom and prepared to learn when the bell rings. Each tardy will cost you academic points and negatively influence your grade. According to London policy, you fail the course if you have more than seven absences during an academic quarter. Approved school activities do not count against attendance, provided the student attends the activities, follows procedures and is doing satisfactory work in class.  Additionally, if a student is aware of up-coming absences, it is her/his responsibility to inform Mrs. Hitchcock before the absences and arrange make-up or alternative work. A friend in class is helpful to collect materials and information if you are absent.                              

    CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR: You are a member of a community of learners.  For any community to thrive, certain concepts must be embraced.  In our community, I expect the following general behavior of all students.

    RESPECT:  All students will respect themselves, their community members and their learning environment.

    READINESS:  All students must attend class everyday and ready to actively participate in daily activities.

    RESPONSIBILITY:  All students must accept responsibility for themselves and their actions.

     Active participation and preparedness is expected at all times!

            No distracting items are allowed in the classroom (i.e. headwear, coats, backpacks, food, beverages, chains, purses, electronic devices, pictures, notes, yearbooks, magazines and catalogs).

           Appropriate language will be used in the classroom—no swearing or other offensive remarks will be allowed.

           You are responsible for your academic progress and communication with Ms. Sangwan about problems or struggles is expected from you.



    Cheating, copying and plagiarism are serious acts of academic dishonesty that are not tolerated.  All team teachers, family members of students involved and the program coordinator will be informed of such behavior.  

    Students who cheat receive a zero for the assignment or exam. Students involved in copying of work receive a zero for the assignment or exam, including any student allowing the copying to take place. Students who plagiarize receive a failing grade for the quarter.   

    Plagiarism is the use of another’s ideas or expression without appropriate acknowledgement of the source.  

    Examples of plagiarism include failure to give appropriate acknowledgement when repeating another’s phrase, sentence or paragraph; failure to give appropriate acknowledgement when paraphrasing another’s thesis or argument; failure to give appropriate acknowledgement when presenting another’s line of thinking; or, turning in a paper for a current course that was written for another course.   

    Plagiarism, like cheating and copying, results in serious consequences. If students or family members have questions about this, please talk to Mrs. Hitchcock. All students are expected to achieve at the level of 60% or better in this class without factoring in extra credit. As a general rule, students should not expect extra credit.  Opportunities for extra credit related to course content may arise throughout the year. Additionally, students choosing to drop their lowest score of the quarter are not allowed any extra credit points.  


    HOMEWORK: All homework assignments must be completed on the scheduled due date. Unless otherwise noted, assignments are collected at the beginning of the class period. ALL ASSIGNMENTS ARE ACCEPTED WITH 25% POINTS DEDUCTED ON THE NEXT DAY AND NO LATER. Students receive reading packets with excerpts from a variety of sources as well as primary source documents.  Course content has been put together through a variety of sources and is regularly updated as new and reliable information is made available.    Reading packets made available to students may be done so in class-sets. Therefore, it is necessary that students use the reading time given in class effectively.














    59% or below=F