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    Things I Can Do Now To Get Ready for A Successful School Year:

    1. PLAN OUT AND RESET YOUR DAILY SCHEDULE - Move bedtime and wakeup times back to what they should be during the school year. Make sure you are getting enough rest. It is recommended that middle school aged children get 8 to 10 hours per night. Block out the school schedule (holidays, test days, etc.) on a calendar. A family calendar in a visible location can be helpful for everyone. 

    2. ORGANIZE YOUR WORKSPACE AND SUPPLIES - Create an organized area to work in. Declutter and streamline the workplace that will be used for homework. Make sure it is a quiet and distraction-free place. Stock up on the school supplies you need, including any organizqation tools like file folders and desk trays.

    3. GET IN THE BACK TO SCHOOL MINDSET - Review your previous academic achievements. The summer may have made you forget about that awesome papaer you wrote last fall or the straight A's you made in math. A quick review can not only energize you for the new school year, it can help you identify areas you might want to work on more this semester.

    4. SET GOALS FOR YOURSELF FOR THE UPCOMING SCHOOL YEAR - Start the year the way you want it to continue. Going above the mark should help you get a good start on the school year. You can make the first weeks even easier by setting up the daily routines that make school life easier. Each night before school, prep lunch and snacks, your outfil, Athletic/PE clothes, and your backpack.