Cafeteria Information 2021-22


    The cafeteria offers a hot breakfast, cereal, pastries, and breakfast bars as a meal in the morning. We also offer two hot lunches each day.  Deli sandwiches and PBJ sandwiches(Uncrustables) are also offered daily at lunchtime.  We package our own fresh salads daily.  The salads are served with chicken and cheese and are also a meal.  Salads are only available at the middle school and high school cafeterias.  The menu is available on our website. Please review the menu with your young child(ren), and help them choose their meal and/or snacks.  

    We offer extra entrée servings and a variety of snacks and beverages on the serving line each day. We have fresh fruit, juices, water, yogurt, string cheese, nuts, granola bars, baked/reduced-fat chips, cookies, and ice cream. These items are not part of the free/reduced price meal program. All items comply with the new federal Smart Snacks regulations.  Please discuss with your child your agreement for their snack and extra item purchases, such as how many per day or week.  If you do not want to your child to purchase extra items or snacks, you may complete a form for us to flag the account at the cashier.

    There are limited microwaves in the cafeteria, so we strongly encourage your child to bring a cold lunch from home, or order lunch with us in the cafeteria.  Only 3rd grade thru 12th grade may use the microwaves.  If we have issues with burned food, we will remove the microwave from the cafeteria.  Ramen-noodle soups or any type soups are NOT ALLOWED at any time due to risk of burns and lengthy cook time.  Also, please do not bring any other microwave foods that require more than 2 minutes cook time (for example, Easy Mac & Cheese). No popcorn or glass containers allowed!

    No outside food or drink is allowed in the cafeteria during mealtimesexcept what an immediate family member brings or sends for their own child(ren).  All cafeteria visitors MUST check in at the front office and receive a visitor’s badge. 

    The new state and federal regulations regarding foods on campus dictate that individual campus wellness plans govern the rules for each school.   As those plans are finalized by the SHAC (School Health Advisory Council), you will receive additional information.  If you are interested in serving on the School Health Advisory Council at your campus, please contact the school principal or the school nurse Lisa Alphin at (361)451-4903 ext. 1667. 

    Free/Reduced Applications  Not required for 2021-2022 school year. Due to all students receiving free meals for the school year 2021-2022 only.

    More information for free meals.


    Meal Charge Policy

    All 2nd meals, snacks, and beverages must be prepaid.  Account balances may not go below zero at any time.  If an account goes below zero, alacarte items, extra snacks, and beverages will not be allowed to be purchased. Only Lunch 1, 2, or 3, and Breakfast 1, 2, or 3 will be served to a student with a negative balance.  Phone calls will be made and statements will be mailed if a negative account is not paid in a timely manner. The Head Cashier, Child Nutrition Director, Principals, and Superintendent will call households to make payment arrangements.  The Superintendent will decide if and when you need to start providing a sack lunch for your child. 

    Students will no longer be able to transfer money from one sibling to another, so parents are strongly encouraged to continually monitor each of their children’s meal accounts for adequate balances.



    Lunch Money Now

    You may log on to our online meal payment and tracking system, LUNCH MONEY NOW, from our website www.londonisd.net. There you can make payments online by debit, credit, or Paypal, and you can monitor your student’s meal, snack purchases and account balance.  The funds have to be posted in the account before purchases will be allowed, so please give yourself plenty of time.  Please do not call the school secretaries to let them know you made a payment. The cashiers are busy checking out the students to receive this message. You can also set up email alerts to notify you of low account balances.  This is a great tool for keeping money in your accounts, and we highly encourage you to set up that notification. 

    You can always pay by cash or check using the locked payment boxes in each of the offices and cafeterias.  Allow one to two business days for this payment to be applied to your child’s account.   We do not accept payments of any kind on the serving line.  They must be put in an envelope with students name and student ID and deposited to the locked payment boxes. 

    Special Diet Accomodations:

    Forms and instructions can be found on our website under the Departments, Food Service tab.

    We hope your children enjoy their meals and their time in the cafeteria.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Roxanne Bright, Child Nutrition Director at rbright@londonisd.net or (361)855-0092 ext. 1375.