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Protect Our Pirates

Working Together to Protect Our Pirates From COVID-19

LISD has implemented a health surveillance system named "Protect Our Pirates" to assist in communicating health protocols based on the resurgence of COVID-19, virus variants, or another infectious disease during the 2021-2022 school year. The protocol will be implemented as necessary within the district. 

The daily communication about the program has been put on pause and remain Level 1 - Normal Conditions until a rise in absences warrant additional communication. The district has seen an overall decrease in absences along with fewer illnesses including COVID-19. As we move into the winter season, we anticipate the necessity to reactive the daily communication but will continue to monitor all absences very closely. Thank you for helping us Protect Our Pirates. Working together we have been able to proactively take measures to decrease absences and reduce the spread of illness throughout the district.

LISD is committed to educating our students amidst changing public health conditions. Working together, we can "Protect Our Pirates."

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Protect Our Pirates Health Surveillance System

Normal – Green Pirate

  • Absenteeism rate is less than 5%
  • No restrictions for visitors or school activities
  • Monitor community health trends
  • Thermal temperature scanners and hand sanitizer at entrances
  • Cleaning protocols in place for high traffic areas including cleaning desks between classes
  • Face coverings as a personal choice
  • Follow reporting guidelines to health officials as required

Monitoring – Orange Pirate 

  • Absenteeism rate is greater than 5% but less than 10%
  • Maintain cleaning protocols during normal conditions
  • Implement deep cleaning protocols with confirmed illness
  • Increase illness prevention communication to students
  • Face coverings as a personal choice
  • Communicate to parents change in monitoring stage

Modified Operations – Yellow Pirate 

  • Absenteeism is greater than 10% but less than 15% 
  • Cooperate with health officials to provide contract tracing information
  • Visitor access restricted
  • Face coverings as a personal choice
  • Buildings may undergo deep cleaning over weekends and intersessions
  • Extracurricular activities continue with additional health protocols in place
  • Communicate to parents change to modified operations stage

Modified Operations – Red Pirate 

  • Local, state, or national health authorities issue health orders which may impact school operations
  • Texas Governor, Texas Education Agency (TEA), or local health authority order schools closed.
  • All students and staff move to remote learning as approved by TEA and Texas Legislature.
  • Playgrounds and athletic fields are closed
  • All activities cancelled
  • Communicate to parents the change in stage level and modified operations.

The health surveillance system is a guideline for operations and can be modified at any time with limited notice in order to protect the safety of students and personnel.

Status changes will occur as needed when attendance counts and illness investigations have been completed for the day. 

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