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Diet Modifications


Diet Modification Procedures

Diet Modification Requests

  • Forms and Instructions can be found online or the child nutrition office.  Click here for the current form.
  • When forms are received, they are reviewed for accuracy and completion.
  • If there is missing information, the parent will be contacted for follow up.
  • No modifications are to occur unless all questions are completed in section B of the form by a treating
  • The parents/legal guardian will be notified once accommodations are complete.
  • Manufacturers provide food labels to London ISD and are reviewed annually. Product reformulation may occur at any time and may not be known by our department.  In addition, distributors may deliver, on short notice, alternate or substitute products which contain unexpected allergens.  Because of this, London ISD Child Nutrition cannot be responsible for ensuring that a child’s menu selections are free from allergens.
  • Students with life-threatening food allergies are encouraged to bring meals from home.
  • The parents/legal guardian must pack a lunch from home until accommodations can be made.

Milk Substitution

  • If alternative fluid milk is requested and the form has been properly completed for milk substitution, soy milk will be provided.
  • If there is a documented milk and soy allergy, almond milk will be provided.
  • If there is a documented milk, soy and nut allergy, rice milk will be provided.

Staff Training

  • All staff will be informed and trained on each student’s individual needs. Menu’s will be created showing what each student can and cannot have.